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Trends for Autumn/Winter 2010-2011

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September is the most important time in our industry because it marks the beginning of the Fall season, and God knows how much fun dressing up can be during these chilly times. Layers, textures, furs – it’s time to channel that inner style genius that’s been slumbering deep within you.

Here at La Moda Dubai, we feel it’s our job to elevate the standards of fashion consciousness in the UAE and beyond, because there are far too many people in this city who just don’t care how they look. It’s as if they’re expecting to get another chance at looking sartorially impeccable in another life – which, unless you gain entrance to fashion heaven, is just not gonna happen. We all have to WERQ for our ticket to paradise, don’t we?

So, in an effort to get more people to consciously glam themselves up, we’ll make it easier for all of you to dress right and look right for your sanity and ours. Here are the top trends that we believe will dominate the style scene over the next six months, according to the looks we’ve collated from dozens of both huge and independent designers here and abroad.

Gold (other metallics work fine too)

We are known across the globe as the City of Gold and it’s high time we lived up to that name. On the Balmain runway in Paris, the French high fashion house treated us to a back-to-back trend combo of glittering gold and elaborate brocades with their suits. They’re completely wearable, unless you’re a bank manager. Or you work at the Dubai International Financial Centre.

Herve Leger focused on lines that either accentuate the mythical 36-24-36 figure or discombobulate the spectator’s sense of reality, and then adorned them with metallic dust, just because. See by Chloe, meanwhile, channeled the gold trend to their accessories, with bags proudly looking like they were dowsed with buckets of aurum.

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