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The Beauty File: 3 hot fragrances to spritz

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A week has passed and now it’s time for another edition of The Beauty File. A new series from La Moda Dubai, TBF is one of the magazine’s most eagerly-awaited roundup of beauty products that have just or will soon hit the shelves at your favourite beauty and wellness stores across the UAE.

Our premiere edition focused on the hottest skincare and cosmetic products on the market because, well, everyone’s obsessed about keeping young and staying radiant this side of town – and hey, that’s a good thing. This week though, we dish out a collection of our favourite fragrances that will soon decorate the shiny glass counters of Harvey Nichols and Bloomingdales, because smelling good is every bit as important as looking good.

1.) Tous H2O. Inspired by the vitality of water, Tous H2O travels down an unprecedented path in the world of perfumery: for the first time ever, an exclusive fragrance that keeps all of its sophistication – and is combined with utter and total respect for the environment.

Working from an aquatic base and featuring sparkling top notes of juicy lemon and lavender, this fragrance wraps your skin in a chorus of rose and ginger and woody bottom notes.

The H2O is a fragrance made from life and for life: a drop of water inspiring the shape of the perfume bottle, showing that luxury, within reach of everyone, can also be synonymous with commitment.

Perhaps one very important thing to know about the Tous H2O fragrance is that it embodies a commitment to social responsibility while keeping you hydrated and smelling thoroughly fresh.

A percentage of the rough sales of the fragrance will support the programs of the non-governmental organization Intermón Oxfam to provide drinking water for the people who need it most. This commitment will remain in effect as long as the fragrance is on the market.

2.) Love Rocks by Victoria’s Secret. This may be one of just a handful of scents that truly reflects the most intimate characteristics of the UAE dweller’s roller-coaster life in the Emirates. It’s bold, it’s edgy, and it’s all about love and the allure of rock and roll.

It appears the aristrocratic rockstar chic phenomenon taking over the beauty industry has also invaded the world of perfumery – and we’re loving it.

Love Rocks is a study in contrasts: Rock star leather paired with pop star lace. Soft in studded stilettos. Powerful and daring, yet intoxicatingly feminine, the scent itself is a rebellious riff on vivid Plum, hypnotic Violet and warm Vanilla.

Doesn’t it just remind you of the contradictory mystique of the Dubai woman?

3.) Eau du Soir by Sisley. These new fragrances are a limited edition, sensual duet of olfactory explosion in honour of Sisley’s legendary Eau de Soir. Two shimmering, sequinned Black and White box sets highlight the refined, complementary beauty of the Black and White monochrome bottles.

Created in a duality of light and dark, the contrasting bottles attract and repel. The mysterious sobriety of black responds to the enigmatic purity of white to give the bottle a graphic, artistic signature.

Anish Kapoor’s latest exhibition at London’s Royal Academy of Arts lends inspiration to the design of the fragrances’ packaging, embodied by spatterings of black, red and white pigments all over the bottles’ aesthetic. Only 7,000 bottles are going to be distilled, which will be available worldwide from November 2010 in celebration of the coming Holiday season.

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