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Reiss 1971 A/W 2010 meets Jenny Humphrey

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We finally received Reiss 1971’s look book for the coming season and the first thing we thought was, “Hey, these pieces are all Jenny Humprey slash Material Girl!” The entire collection expresses an edgy, I’m-gonna-wear-what-I-want-and-feel-good-about-it attitude, and that’s good in our book.

The new line features on-trend elements, such as lace, studs, sequins, leather, shearling and fur trims, and – wait for it – underwear as outerwear. Biker jackets are back and bound to help a few bored-looking women out there spice up their outfits. Furthermore, the comeback of bustiers this season as a wardrobe staple is particularly humourous, especially because American television might have jump-started this trend as seen in one of the last few episodes of the final season of Ugly Betty aired earlier this year.

As you can see from the collages above, the collection is drawn from a very muted palette, working around the greys and the blacks and not much else, only wonderfully offset by the bold embellishments and trims. If Koton’s A/W 2010 collection says camels and sepia tones, this one says ditch the colours altogether. Pretty deviant we would say, because for this season’s trends, as far as colour goes, it’s all about having a kaleidoscopic, polychromatic winter.

Final verdict? Colour is not for everyone so if you think wearing Balmain’s metallics and Pucci’s prints would make you look like a brand ambassador for Atrocious Colours and Clashing Patterns Digest, then opting for Reiss 1971’s relatively safe palette might be the best idea.

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