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“No plans to open Dubai branch” – London College of Fashion

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There are currently no plans to open a local branch of the London College of Fashion in Dubai, a senior executive of the British institution told La Moda Dubai. However, there is an effort to offer the world-famous fashion courses in the emirate on a regular basis, according to Linda Roberts, LCF senior business manager.

In October, the LCF is scheduled to return to the Middle East for the second time this year, following a well-received pilot session of short courses held in May.

“We plan to bring a short course programme to the region at least twice per year in the same kind of format, in a convenient and high quality venue. Of course, we may adjust and add to the programme as we go along to make sure that what we are offering is what people want,” Roberts explained.

The pilot programme in May was deemed a success by the college, despite what we thought were high fees in comparison to the London-based courses. (See article: London College of Fashion comes to Dubai)

“We had over 80 students across the 7 courses, which indicated to us that overall we had selected the right mix of topics. Each course does have a strict maximum number of students though, so people who booked early ensured their place.”

“I think it’s very tempting for people to leave their booking to the last minute but with our short courses you have to be careful as the courses may be full by the time you get round to it,” Roberts said. The turnout proved the courses offered value to students, considering what they would generally spend if they were to attend the courses in the British capital.

From October 22 through to November 11 at the Jumeirah Emirates Towers, the LCF will offer a series of short courses to individuals interested in getting acquainted with the basics of the fashion industry or those looking to enhance their knowledge of the subject. The second wave will include a bigger lineup of topics, with 16 courses on offer:

• Luxury Brand Management and Product Design
• Fashion Buying and Merchandising
• Perfume: Understanding Fragrance
• Starting Your Own Fashion Label
• Fashion Design
• Your Signature Style
• Strategic Fashion Marketing
• Shoe Design
• Fashion Journalism
• Starting Your Own Shoe or Accessories Label
• Starting Your Own Fashion Magazine
• Starting Your Own Beauty Business
• Essential Guide to the Fashion Industry
• The Power of Visual Merchandising
• Fashion Communications
• Online Fashion Marketing

The College is associated with some of the world’s superstar designers and fashion gurus through its alumni such as Harold Tillman, owner of iconic British label Jaeger, and visiting lecturers such as Jimmy Choo, Tom Ford and Donatella Versace. To find detailed descriptions of each course and information on to book, please visit their website at or call +44 20 7514 7552.