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Lancaster Retinology Total Age Solution

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Whether or not you’d want to admit your age, your skin won’t lie for you. Yet with proper lifestyle, diet, exercise and skin care, you have greater chances to look younger and fresher despite your increasing calendar numbers.

However, given thousands of choices on the beauty shelves, we know that it is tasking to look for suitable products. That’s why here at La Moda we provide you the latest buzz in beauty technology to help you in discovering the best products out there.

One of the most recent cutting edge anti-aging solutions that we’ve found in the market is Lancaster’s Retinology. Over the last 30 years, Lancaster has placed Retinol among its key specialties – invented in cosmetics by Lancaster in 1978 – it has been constantly improved to provide high performance anti-aging cosmetics.

Now, inspired by gene therapy, Lancaster created means for Active-Retinol to be directly ‘self-propelled’ to the core of the cells for intact delivery and 100% efficiency. Once inside the fibroblast, the exceptional quantity of Active-Retinol helps activate protein synthesis to boost cell activity.

In other words, Retinology is a skin care line that is composed of active ingredients that help fight the main signs of skin aging such as loss of firmness, wrinkles, loss of suppleness, dehydration and dull complexion. With its advanced technology, Lancaster has proven that with 60 years of expertise and innovation in anti-aging research and over 500 patents, it is always been a pioneer and is still a leader in developing innovative breakthrough solutions.

Retinology includes High Efficiency Cream, Serum, Night Cream and Eye Cream, available at leading beauty stores in the UAE.

  • Retinology High Efficiency Cream has ingredients proven to densify tissues, reduce wrinkles in number, surface and length, and firm up the skin. It also includes elements that help visibly minimize skin imperfections, restore the skin’s radiance and illuminate the complexion. This cream comes in 30ml and 50ml costing AED 345 and AED 450, respectively.
  • Retinology Deep Replumping Serum is formulated with Hyaluronic Acid, a molecule already naturally present in the skin, which is known for its actions on skin surface: hydration and instant skin replumping from the outside.

    Skin reveals fewer wrinkles, more firmness and looks visibly younger and firmer. Perfectly adapted to layering, it is recommended under your Retinology cream. This serum in 30ml is worth AED 500.

  • Retinology Night Re-Energizing Cream is an ultra-comforting cream that is strengthened with a specific night-time ingredient “biotechnological micro-algae extract” to help the product re-energize and revitalize the skin.

    Apply the very comfortable, cocooning texture every evening to face and neck for a decrease of fatigue signs on waking and a healthy looking and revitalized skin. Night after night, your skin appears regenerated and visibly younger. In 50ml, this night cream costs AED 500.

  • Retinology Eye Recovery Cream acts on skin microcirculation to help reduce dark circles and puffiness. Also nourishing thanks to an optimal combination of vegetable oils and shea butter, this very comfortable texture offers ideal fast penetration.

    Enriched with pigments to enhance skin radiance around the eyes, this fragrance-free cream is adapted to all skin types and makeup. Applied on the eye contour and eyelids every morning and evening, your look appears brighter from the first application and visibly younger after 4 weeks. The 15ml Eye Cream costs AED 300.

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