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Jimmy Choo + UGG = Fashion Atrocity

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In January, Australian ugly footwear company UGG announced a collaboration with Jimmy Choo for a limited edition range of co-branded “UGG® & Jimmy Choo” women’s sheepskin footwear products. The news sent shockwaves across the fashion industry, leaving most people asking, “Seriously?”

It was a dumbfounding announcement, because master shoemakers like Jimmy Choo, who command enviable respect among high fashionistas, had no business working with companies like Ugg whose sartorial reputation borders on outright disrespect for the fundamentals of style.

It would be one of the most unlikely collaborative projects ever to be undertaken in the history of fashion. It would be blasphemy, if fashion were a religion.

Fast forward seven months to yesterday, Nicky Hilton gave her Twitter followers a sneak peek into the collection by posting a photo of a fringe-detailed, star-studded boot captioned “Love my new Jimmy Choo Uggs!”

After the release of Jimmy Choo’s sneakers for commoners, which are more like a joke than anything else, this is the second faux pas the British high fashion house has committed this year.

And it is indeed a blasphemous offence against everything that fashion represents. The fact that these are going to hit the shelves with price tags ranging from $495 to $795 further adds insult to the injury – like sprinkling rock salt and a dash of lemon juice on an open wound.

We sincerely hope Nicky Hilton was just pulling a prank on her followers, because the contrary would be just so frustrating. And so wrong.

Thank God Dubai’s too hot for Uggs.

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