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H&M’s $5 dresses make it to Dubai

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Rejoice if you must. We’ve received news that Swedish fast fashion brand H&M’s highly anticipated five-dollar dresses are now on Dubai shores. Already stocked in select stores, the dresses can be found in H&M branches at Deira City Centre, Mall of the Emirates, and the Dubai Mall.

Reported on earlier this month by, H&M’s Fall ad campaign in the US featured a sassy frock that was both startling and shocking, not “because of its style, though its vertical black and white stripes and sheer bodice are a frisky baby sister to Alexander Wang, with a nod to Balmain,” but because of its unbelievable price of $4.95, read the article by Lynn Yaeger.

Here in Dubai, you can get an iced coffee at Costa or a value meal at Hardees for a little less than AED 20, but you would be hard pressed to find a dress of any sort, unless used and marked with sweat stains all over, for a similar price, even in places where commoners congregate, like Deira or Karama.

But are people going to buy a dress so cheap, especially here in Dubai where life is all about glitz, glamour, new money and celebutard culture?

H&M says it is not up to them to speculate how well their fashion will be received by consumers in Dubai. However, they always want to surprise their customers, “and with a fashion item like this dress, it really clarifies our business idea of fashion and quality at the best price,” a company spokesperson told La Moda Dubai.

One could foresee that, at such nominal price, it’s only a matter of time before you find yourself stuck in a room with another person wearing the exact the same thing, perhaps looking better than you. And for our countless faux-cialites in this city with such big and fragile egos, that’s not good.

For the average Dubai fashionista, though, this is a very good buy for the amount of fabric you’re getting, so it’s definitely something worth checking out and seeing for yourself. Maybe the quality is up to par, maybe not – all we know is that for loose change, you can’t ask for too much. Think about it, for less than AED 20, you get a decent dress and a golden opportunity to perfect your styling skills. Win-win, right?


  1. Jana

    September 10, 2010 at 3:21 pm

    oooh this sounds like stuff for univeristy students who are hard pressed on cash (read: unemployed). so is it only this striped dress thats on discount? or are there other dresses?

    • LMD Fashion Squad

      September 10, 2010 at 3:51 pm

      Hi Jana, it’s a whole range of $5 dresses so you should drop by an H&M branch and check them out!

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