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H&M to unveil kid’s store at Arabian Centre

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Shopping for the little ones? If you think your kids are missing out on the wonderful effects of retail therapy, then you better listen to this. Swedish fashion retailer H&M is converting its existing boutique at Arabian Centre in Dubai and will unveil a kids-only concept store on August 12.

The new store will carry the full and extensive range of H&M’s children’s wear, effectively becoming one of H&M’s first flagship stores for kids. The children’s range is divided into various concepts: 0 – 18 months, 1.5 – 8 years, and 9 – 14 years. The collections are intended to be as fashionable as they are practical, durable, safe and comfortable.

The childen’s wear boutique will carry H&M’s Spring/Summer 2010 collection which features a diverse mix of trends, with ethnic influences from all over the world. Among these influences are the Global Traveler trend, which incorporates American-style fashion classics and college style looks. Florals are also a top element in the collection, being an integral aspect of the Spring and Summer seasons.

What about the Autumn/Winter 2010 collections? We’re sure you’d like the kids to be as fashion-forward as us adults. Well, let’s see what happens when Fall officially sets in. We know H&M is always on time when it comes to hanging new collections on the rack.

Breaking news: Our contact at H&M has just informed us that the F/W collection for infants (0-18 months old) has arrived and is now available in stores. It sure is never too early for anyone to learn a thing or two about fashion.

The collection consists of pieces that are practical, hard-wearing, safe and comfortable. To guarantee the highest level of safety, H&M’s children’s items undergo rigorous testing. With a focus on function and safety, the season’s trends are expressed in a playful way.

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