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Gift ideas for the Eid holidays

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We’re smack in the middle of Ramadan and while you’re working your way through the whole month’s booked calendar of lavish events, sumptuous Iftar after sumptuous Iftar, we want to ask this question: Have you done your gift shopping for the upcoming Eid al Fitr? Nope?

We knew just as much. So, in an effort to serve your shopping intelligence needs, we’ve scoured your favourite retail therapy clinics (i.e. shops, both online and offline) for the perfect presents you can give your loved ones to accompany the joyous festivities. Here are our top gift ideas for the Eid holidays for friends, family, and yourself.

1.) Falconiere – Chandelier Swarovski-embellished necklace – AED 2,165
2.) Miu Miu – Leather and shearling tote – AED 6,700
3.) Calvin Klein – Euphoria Men Intense EDT 100 mL – AED 299
4.) Falconiere – Swarovski-embellished leather cuff – AED 2,220
5.) Alexander McQueen – Lace pumps – AED 2,810
6.) Pure Gold Jewellers – Diamond-encrusted honeycomb Ramadan-exclusive pendant – AED 999

Falconiere, Miu Miu, Calvin Klein, and Alexander McQueen are available at The limited edition Ramadan pendant from the Pure Diamonds Collection come free with 18kt gold chain and are available at all Pure Gold Jewellers stores in the Middle East during the entire Ramadan season.

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