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Get that look – style tips from Wella

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La Moda peeps: there is no need to fret for bad hair days. International hair stylist, Sascha Breuer shares his wisdom in this step-by-step guides on recreating Elegant, Everyday and Glamour looks using Wellaflex, the styling range that comes from the century-old hair experience of Wella.

Just try to know these tips by heart, and we’re sure that you’ll be able to achieve the hottest looks for this season, or even all throughout the year that is.

Wellaflex promises these great hairstyles that are easy to do at home, so you don’t have to worry about going to the hairstylist every time you want perfectly styled hair that lasts all day. All Wellaflex products are now available at leading outlets near you.

Just try searching for it in the beauty alley, and you’ll certainly find one that suits you. For now, enjoy reading and imagining your self experimenting on these summer-best hair styles.

Elegant Look – Side-Swept Fringe: This look will help you get Soft waves full of natural movement.

1.) Comb Wellaflex Curls & Waves Mousse through towel-dried hair and blow dry.  Starting at the front and working backwards, wrap dried sections of hair around large, heated rollers and leave to cool.

Using Wellaflex Curl & Waves mousse will add bounce to your hair versus keeping it flat, along with enhancing the curls that you wish for.

2.) Release hair from the rollers and section the top layers with a clip.  Gently backcomb mid-sections of hair to add soft volume.  Leave lower sections as they are to allow movement and smooth over upper layers for beautiful, supple shine.

3.) Ensure the lasting flexibility of your style with a light, even application of Wellaflex Ultra Strong Hold Hairspray over the finished hair.

Everyday Look – Full & Sleek: This hairstyle is good for everyday wear, giving you a chic and smoothly polished look so that your hair moves with volume.

1.) Mist Wellaflex 2 Day Volume mousse through towel-dried hair.  Blow dry using a large round brush and a hairdryer with a concentrator nozzle aiming down the hair shaft. Wellaflex 2-Day Volume mousse gives you long lasting volume to give your hair bounce and shape.

2.) Take sections of dry hair and gently work down the hair shaft with heated hair straighteners.  Use slow, even, consistent strokes for the smoothest texture. This step will ensure sleek straight hair.

3.) Set the finished style with Wellaflex Volume Boosting Hairspray, paying attention to the sections underneath to maintain soft, flexible volume.  This step will promise long lasting hold and bounce all day long.

Glamour Look – Cute Curls: This hairstyle will give you soft ringlets that will bounce with life yet retain their youthful shape.

1.) Starting at the front and working backwards, wrap sections of hair around a slim heated curling tongue and secure each section with clips. This will help get you the soft curls.

2.) For extra flexible hold and heat protection, work a small amount Wellaflex 2 Day Volume Mousse lightly throughout each section before curling.

3.) When the hair is completely cool, release the curled sections and shake out.  Shielding the face, spray Wellaflex Ultra Strong Hold Hairspray for added lasting but flexible hold.

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