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Fashionable art to decorate your walls with

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Have a look around your flat. What do you see? Personified smiling camels? Tacky Karama-sourced Dubai souvenirs for the unwitting Summer tourist? If those things are the highlight of your home decor, then you might want to consider redecorating a little bit.

Fashion art can work a certain brand of magic on sartorially dilapidated interiors for a number of reasons, one of which is our favourite to support our argument against creepy camel paintings on faux gold plates and crystal Burj Khalifas. It appeals to a particular group of fashion enthusiasts who, while not necessarily well-versed with high-brow, highfalutin abstract art, might still be interested in expressing their creativity via a platform that extends beyond the reaches of their own person.

Or in non-pretentious English, there are people out there who want to showcase their fashion IQ on their walls too. So, at the risk of crossing over to the discipline of interior design (and agitating grammar nazis all over the world with our misplaced preposition), here are our top picks for fashionable art to decorate your walls with.

1.) Art illustrations by Danny Roberts

If you don’t know Danny Roberts then now’s a good time to get aquainted with his artistic illustrations. The fashion world loves him for two things: he covers the industry extensively – with drawing ranging from a sketch of Karl Lagerfeld at a Thanksgiving table to enchanting portraits of runway looks from the hottest designers in town – and he does it well.

Roberts has collaborated with a few fashion brands including Borders & Frontiers with whom the artist co-produced the Girls in Glasses tee . In an old article, we covered this project as a must-have shirt for every fashion blogger in existence.

Prints, sized 8×11 or 13×19, can be purchased from the Danny Roberts Art Store. Get some fancy frames and hang them on your wall. Feel like an art gallery curator? You can also get gallery-style canvas prints by submitting a custom order via email.

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