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Elie Domit on Fashion: Story of a Lifetime

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What makes a good fashion photographer? What message would you give to fashion photographers out there aspiring to make it big in the industry?

First, you have to be a good photographer, fashion or otherwise. The difference between many iconic photographers, from Richard Avadon to Irvin Penn to Albert Watson, is that most of them were just doing photography to pay their bills.

They never thought of themselves as fine artists, but the way they worked was incredibly personal and they defined their own unique style and aesthetic language which made them stand out from the rest.

Today, many fashion photographers, and I hate to generalize here, think of themselves as artists, when in fact, they are merely just another “me too” photographer.

Making it big in the industry requires a combination of many elements. Sometimes, it is luck – being at the right place at the right time. Many photo editors in major magazines here are hardly visionaries and this is where you end up consuming the usual flavors of the day. [And yet they made it big]

There are efforts by excellent magazines today to do something different, and that’s great, but the road has to be paved to allow more room for experimentation.

What would you like the spectators to take home from attending this event?

The Empty Quarter always tries to bring museum quality shows. This is a great opportunity to see amazing photographs live and in the flesh: the way they are printed, seeing them up close, the textures and the techniques, the beauty and elegance, the timeless pieces. Each one of these artists have made iconic unforgettable images. So if anyone is into photography, or fashion, or both, then it is a great visit to come and see for yourself.

Fashion: Story of a Lifetime runs from September 14 through to October 17, 2010 at The Empty Quarter Gallery, The Gate Village at the Dubai International Financial Centre.

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