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Capture a piece of Ramadan with Liali

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Looking for a gift for yourself, daughter, mother, sister or BFF that’s going to be more memorable than an overdecorated box of dates? Look no further because luxury jeweller Liali has announced a special collection of beautiful pendants that celebrates the occasion of Ramadan this year.

Designed in artistic Arabic calligraphy, each pendant is crafted with brilliant round diamonds set in 18k white gold. With a choice of three designs, the collection is an exclusive set that is only available during the entire month of Ramadan.

When you buy any one of these pendants, you get them neatly wrapped in a gift bag together with a box of dates. There may be no escaping dates this season, but at least the pendant remains in sight and in mind even after the box of dates is finished. The limited edition pendants are available at all Liali Jewellery stores from AED 2,200 to AED 3,900.

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