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Beauty pills, anyone?

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From the thousands of skin care and anti-ageing products, here comes another one that claims to be far more effective. Pioneering in the trending concept of NutriCosmetics, Imedeen promotes the intake of nutritional supplements which can support the function and the structure of the skin.

Basically, Imedeen offers orally consumed skin care tablets that can be taken in conjunction with topically applied cosmetics to promote both well-being and physical appearance. It’s just taking in tablets that appear to be food for the skin, providing necessary nutrition to the largest organ in the body.

The skin care tablets have the capacity to reach through the dermal layer below the surface of the skin, where skin care creams cannot reach, thus providing much better benefit to the skin. How does it work?

The skin’s overall quality, strength and resilience are determined in the deeper, structural layer (the dermis) where the collagen, elastin and moisture retaining elements are found. Within these skin cells, Imedeen skin care tablets work to strengthen and protect skin´s vital building blocks for long-term anti-ageing benefits and protection.

Imedeen is available in the market depending on the age group. Its Imedeen Time Perfection is a product suitable for young adults with the first signs of ageing while those with more mature skin could opt for Imedeen Prime Renewal.

With the onset of skin care tablets, we could only tell one thing – beauty comes from deep within, and Imedeen adheres to such old adage with so much conviction, quite literally, actually.

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