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What to wear to the Dubai Fashion Fiesta

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What we love about fashion events like the upcoming Dubai Fashion Fiesta is that they offer much much more than a list of catwalk shows and an array of designers all thrilled about getting their moment and savouring it like there’s no tomorrow.

These exhibitions are a hotspot of radioactively stylish people from all walks of life, drawn together by a singular love for fashion and pretty much everything that sparkles. They open up a whole new realm of sartorial pleasure that’s beyond watching models walk like other-wordly mannequins. It’s a show, on and off the ramp.

So, what are you wearing to DFF?

Feel a bit like channeling flower power from the 60s and 70s? How about that Miu Miu dress which is living proof that “it” dresses really do exist?

Yes, that one with appliqued leather flowers that’s landed on the cover of three fashion glossies for August 2010. Love it? Well, unless you’re Sarah Jessica Parker or a member of the Italian Parliament, tough luck for you because mere mortals can’t lay their paws on it until it hits the racks next month.

Here at La Moda, we’re way too realistic to even think about scoring that dress for the big event this weekend (at least Sherry, our Editor-at-Large is).

And besides, we want to promote a more local feel with our fashion choices without resorting to the easy decision of donning an abaya or a kandura.

So we’re leaning towards Dubai-based Furne One of Amato Couture to drape us with his creations on Thursday night. We want those shining, shimmering, splendid exoskeletons Filipino TV stars Kim Chiu and Gerald Anderson rocked the runway in at the Bench Uncut denim and underwear show earlier this month. Oh yes, we do.

There goes the punchline. You can laugh now. We’re still clueless about what to wear to the Dubai Fashion Fiesta.

So, what/who are you wearing to DFF?

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