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Summer beauty tips by Elemis

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In a city where sun scorches the most, it is best that we get handy guide on how to stay beautiful and fresh all throughout the season. Which is why we’re so delighted that Elemis, our favored luxury British spa and skincare brand, has listed a couple of practical tips on how to survive Summer in Dubai.

Pens and notepads at the ready, and make sure that you follow these simple beauty rules:

• Ditch man-made fibers, and only wear natural loose fitting cotton
• Travel to work in comfy flip-flops, and change into work shoes when you arrive
• Commute off peak or occasionally try to work from home
• Keep facial sprays all over the house, work and in the car
• Use a cooling leg gel such as Elemis Instant Refreshing Gel
• Cool your feet in a basin of cool water — or your toddler’s paddling pool
• Elevate your legs whenever possible, and try frozen peas to reduce swollen ankles
• Quench your thirst with chilled peppermint tea or pure fruit smoothies
• Keep a pint glass of water on your desk to sip
• When you’re off for the holidays, ensure that you travel with well-cleansed skin (put no make-up but apply at least two layers of moisturizer, and carry a travel size moisturizer to apply several times during the flight)

For better looking skin at all times, Elemis recommends the following skin care products:

Moisturizer: Pro-Collagen Marine Cream
Anti-Oxidant: Cellular Recovery Skin Bliss Capsules
Cleanse & Tone: Apricot Toner, Rehydrating Rosepetal Cleanser
Eyes: Eyes Awake Recovery Gel

For more information, you can visit and consult in any Elemis SkinLab at Debenhams, Mirdiff City Centre or Va Va Voom, Arabian Centre.

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