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Rami Al Ali’s Persian Princess

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We at La Moda think the attention of the entire fashion community here in Dubai is too focused on the European style scene and the opposing save-the-abaya movement (Sheila and Abaya, anyone?).

We’re not complaining because there really are days when we crave for our style fix from those areas of the sartorial spectrum, but it’s good for us to step out of our comfort zones and discover other cultures around the world that offer just the same intensity of fashion high.

Luckily for us, Rami Al Ali Couture has heard our whining and worked on its 35-piece Persian Princess collection, which was very recently showcased at Alta Roma’s AltaRomAltaModa, a spectacular event coinciding with the Roman Fashion Week.

The Persian Princess collection took inspiration from what could probably be said as one of the most unusual elements that could inspire fashion – Persian carpets.

But when you really think about it, these rugs are a perfect source of inspiration for clothing, because at the end of the day, Persian carpets and an exquisitely designed gown can both be used to express a divine story of romance, mystery and heroism.

This season the Rami Al Ali woman is as royal and enchanting as a Persian Princess, wrapped in intricate details that, like a Persian carpet, express vigor and majesty, for his Autumn Winter 2010/2011 collection.

The concept behind the collection is to recreate opulence, featuring intricate works of art in each gown to accentuate the female structure with high waits and slight off the shoulder necklines, symmetrical with the dress and cinched bodices that exude a woman’s most feminine features, gradually moving from bigger to smaller details, and vice versa.

The designer focused on weaving, knotting and exceptional thread work. The weaving was made of fabric draping, with other gowns having the knot as the core of the whole design. Treating fabric to construct depth into structure with multi-layered chiffon skirts, or stripes of silk or even velvet patches on chiffon; clearly depicted through bias, slanting, and godet cuts.

For creating this beautiful collection, Rami Al Ali has surely made his way into our list of top 10 designers to watch. Not many designers are talented enough to look at an unlikely suspect like a mundane rug and craft an array of spectacular gowns. Hmm, maybe someone can do a collection inspired by Aladdin’s magic lamp next?

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