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One trend that should die a natural death

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…is the socks over trouser legs trend. We don’t know if this is something that’s been taking the European continent by storm, but it has got to stop. The look is so comical that no amount of designer psychobabble is going to make us swoon over it a la The Emperor’s New Clothes.

dunhill’s Autumn/Winter 2010-2011 collection tells us that the loaded-gentleman-who-can’t-afford-equestrian-boots aura might be the next big thing after Lady Gaga’s public cellulite flashing. Of course, that may not have been Dunhill creative director Kim Jones’ intention at all and may be blamed right down on a stylist’s poor judgment. After all, the collection was supposed to be done “in an insouciant, clashing, English aristocratic way, reinforcing the idea of the traditional yet radical nature of the dunhill man.”

Now, what’s aristocratic about any of these?

That’s not to say that we are not pleased with the new collection. We truly are, it’s just that the stylists they hired for the show made a very wrong decision in incorporating that lumberjack look into what would have been a very classy and very elegant set of outfits.

We are absolutely in love with the suits and dunhill‘s decision to project a sleeker silhouette is a very warmly-received move in our books. We don’t want to see any more three-button suit jackets in the next century however, because there’s just too much cloth wrapped around a person’s upper body with those. We really want the 21st century to be the era of the two-button suit. It’s flattering for everyone, don’t you think?

Our top picks from the dunhill A/W 2010-2011 collection to conclude this piece: winter coats! These are going to be in your (if you’re a guy) or your man’s closet for years!

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