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Models: Tips to conquer hazardous runways

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Listen up, people. In a few days, Dubai Fashion Fiesta 2010, this Summer’s most anticipated fashion event, kicks off in high gear and our schedules are going to be booked full with exciting runway shows left and right.

Come Thursday, it’s a weekend of clothes, cocktails, socialites and models. Who doesn’t get worked up about those things, right? But while the idea of witnessing a fashion show from the front row conjures up images of glittering glamour, there are other elements that we should familiarise ourselves with, because there’s a chance we might come across them. We certainly hope we won’t have to, but the Eagle Scout in us wants us to be prepared no matter what. Now, we want to talk about falling models and hazardous runways.

One of the primary causes of models missing their step and getting intimate with the floor is the catwalk. A key component in any show and the most innocuous-looking of them all, the runway is the main culprit for most model falls, taking forceful jabs at a model’s self-esteem and causing nervous breakdowns down the line. They’re as slippery as an ice rink, and coupled with 10-inch heels, they’re an accident waiting to happen.

Our tip? Don’t upstage your fellow models and walk like a team player. The less you WERQ it, the more minute the probability of you falling flat on your face in front of about a hundred spectators, most of whom armed with some kind of imaging device.

Model coach Jay Alexander authored a line that’s going to go down in history books when he said, “You walk and look pretty. You don’t do the hip action. You get on the runway and you do what’s best for you.” That’s brilliant advice, because if you WERQ it like you’re the star of the show, this could happen to you:

Risky footwear and ridiculous clothing are also main suspects in the incidence of model falls. Alexander further explains that it’s how one navigates the clothes. A good model will know how to wear anything, no matter how bulky or heavy, without falling on the runway if she has been schooled on the art of clothing navigation.

Our last tip: Don’t be nervous. We know it’s a cliche, but if you’ve rehearsed it, you’ve gone down the runway a million times and you’ve figured out a way to finish your set with your hands never touching the surface of the catwalk, then you can do it again. As you see us looking at you, just remember that we’re not out to get you and waiting for you to succumb to gravity. We don’t have a personal vendetta against models. We’re there for the clothes. Chill, if you can.

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