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Lucky Nooni strikes it big

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Driving to Abu Dhabi is a rare occasion for us here at La Moda. But, a couple days back, we braved the heat and the seemingly endless freeway to meet a rising talent who’s been receiving praises for her online fashion house, Lucky Nooni.

Young and passionate, Sheikha Manar Al Hinai, the Omani national behind her own nickname’s brand, admitted honestly that she was clueless for a time if she would pursue her zest for fashion.

Having attended university in the UK for what we could only assume is a course that’s not related to fashion (she’s going to be a business analyst soon), Manar thought designing a fashion line would be very far from what she learned in school.

But then, she knew deep inside that she heard fashion calling, and there was nothing she could do but act upon it. After almost a year of planning, Lucky Nooni finally made it live on the web last March.

Although it has been only five months, the demand seems to be truly promising – orders from places as far as the US and New Zealand are coming in already. Not to mention that there is talk about a stylish Bahrain boutique plus an international multi-brand store in Dubai would carry the brand soon.

As of now, those who are interested to wear Khaleeji-inspired tees can browse through her web-ready fashion house at The shirts are very funky and contemporary – wearable yet ultra chic. All shirts are imported from the US while the design and embellishments are done in her studio in Oman and Abu Dhabi.

Sheikha Manar’s next collection is on the way for the celebrations of the Holy month of Ramadan. She’s also spilled to us that she may be working on a men’s line soon. Now, we want to see what she’s got up her sleeves for stylish XYs in the Gulf.

Well, do we really need to say that the drive was truly worth it? Just take a look at these lovely photos from the latest shoot of Lucky Nooni’s collection, and we know you’ll agree with us.

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