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Lacoste proposes sweater leggings this Fall

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It looks like the sweater vest, a vital component of the preppy subculture, is going to have a much trendier companion in the form of vividly-dyed knit leggings with ribbed hems. Although the question begs to be asked, is the UAE Winter cold enough for these?

We can’t decide for sure, but one tip we can give you is, as Blair Waldorf always says, leggings are not pants. So never forget to wear something over them.

Leggings aside, this collection has pushed us over the fence as far as our respect for Lacoste is concerned. Now, we’re giving you the chance to reevaluate your stance on the house’s freshly-overhauled design DNA. Here’s the complete photo set from Lacoste’s A/W 2010 show:

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