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Lacoste proposes sweater leggings this Fall

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Here at La Moda Dubai, we’ve always looked at Lacoste as that French sportswear brand that gives you wardrobe staples for days when you don’t really have the time or the energy to construct a complicated, sophisticated outfit.

We’ve always thought of Lacoste as something synonymous to plain polos, white chinos, and simple jackets – functional attire for those off-days. Yep, those days when you can’t stand another minute in five-inch Louboutins due unfortunately to physiological limitations.

But after having a quick look at the house’s latest Autumn/Winter collection, we thought we might have to rethink our opinion on the brand’s creations. Lacoste’s upcoming Fall line, thanks heaps to creative director Christophe Lemaire, takes iconic sportswear staples and stretches them beyond their imagined boundaries. “Volume and oversized proportions are the key words. We really worked on the sleeves for women, while for men it is all about deconstructing and rethinking the jacket,” Lemaire explained.

Apparently, colour blocking is still in, getting carried over as a remarkably strong remnant of last Autumn’s trends. And it also looks like Lacoste is still doing that we-live-and-breathe-colour-all-year-round thing it’s been doing forever.

But while Lemaire was talking about jackets and sleeves and volume and proportions, we were actually looking at another distinct element of the collection that really struck us while flipping through the pages of the A/W 2010 lookbook – sweater leggings. Check out the next page to see Lacoste’s unique yet distinctly on brand interpretation of the leggings phenomenon.

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