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Head & Shoulders Interview: 24 minutes with a scientist and a stylist

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Some people actually blame the quality of the water here. What do you think about that?

I’ve heard that a few times now. Again, I have not seen any scientific evidence that would support that theory. What I can tell you, though, is that there might be products out there that may not be specifically designed to work with a specific quality of the water so maybe their cleaning or conditioning benefits are not as good as they could be. That again could have an effect on the integrity of the hair. But desalinated water definitely causes a few problems for people.

What benefits does having a stylist and a scientist work together on a Head & Shoulders range offer?

Rene: For me, it’s been incredibly mind-opening to work with a stylist because we’re looking very differently at how people use products and what products need to deliver. I try to understand all the molecules and organisms involved.

Ben: With Head & Shoulders, it’s not about giving you one bottle and saying this is going to take care of your dandruff. That’s why we have all the different variants. People these days look for so much more in their hair care products. A woman and a man know exactly what they want their product to do for them.

We all know that H&S takes care of your scalp problems, but now we need to then give you some beauty benefits as well. We’re giving you a reason to pick up a bottle and giving you extra to it that’s gonna give you great-looking shiny hair and healthy scalp too.

For me the foundation of hair care starts with the scalp. Like a flower, if it has bad soil, it’s not going to be the healthiest it can be. So when I get a client come to my chair, it’s important that I have a good material to work with. If I don’t have a good material, I still can do certain things to make the hair look good. However, for me, it’s about advocating healthy hair to them in the first place.

That’s why it’s a good combination for me to come with Head & Shoulders. It’s like bringing my side of celebrity styling and fashion and pairing it with a brand that people didn’t necessarily think of in that way.

Basically, at the end of the day, you know what H&S does. Before, as a consumer, it was difficult to get out of the thinking that it was just a dandruff shampoo. Now, you know you have those additional beauty benefits, it’s just about tailoring to what you want it to do. Now it feels more personal to what your needs are and you’ll be more attracted to pick up that bottle.

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