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Head & Shoulders Interview: 24 minutes with a scientist and a stylist

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Head & Shoulders has recently launched a new range of Moisturising Scalp Care shampoo products, alternatively known as the Save our Scalps (SOS) range, and we were lucky enough to have a chat with two of the experts who worked on the new shampoo that promises to deliver healthy scalp in the worst climate conditions without messing up your locks.

Last night, we spent a good 24 minutes with P&G Ambassador and celebrity hairdresser Ben Skervin, who has worked with names like Ricky Martin, Sienna Miller, Madonna, Mariah Carey, and the Olsen Twins, and cosmetic product scientist Dr. Rene Rust, who works with P&G’s Beauty and Grooming division.

We get down to the bottom of facing dandruff and the elements that cause it, and learn a few things about maintaining healthy scalp to achieve beautiful hair without any compromise.

Can you tell us more about the new Save Our Scalps range?

The new range of products has been designed to address the most common scalp needs of consumers around the world. As you know, Head & Shoulders has been around for 50 odd years, and essentially, we have always focused on the scalp care benefits of our products. But now, we’ve got the best efficacy we’ve ever had over the history of the brand.

At the same time, we’ve integrated a number of hair care benefits. I think that really is the big breakthrough that Head & Shoulders has achieved, because we’ve stepped away from just giving scalp care benefits to giving great hair care benefits as well.

This essentially means consumers don’t have to make the choice anymore between having a healthy scalp and maintaining beautiful hair. The range now takes care both and they’re not forced to make a decision of benefiting from just one area.

Is the new range going to be available globally?

Yes, we’re currently launching globally. We’re doing it at different timings but we’re going across the globe.

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