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Glittery, shiny hair by Toni&Guy

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Worrying about bland, dull hair? No need to fret, dear La Moda readers. We just got word from our favorite hair styling center that will solve your bad hair days. Now, you can easily ask the experts from Toni&Guy to inject style in your hair by doing their latest technique called interlacing.

According to Jane Stacey, International Technical Director at Toni&Guy, “Interlacing is a technique that involves the hair being plaited and then a lighter color than the person’s natural shade is applied by painting onto the surface of the plait.”

Lighter and quicker to achieve than traditional highlights, Interlacing is perfect for enhancing natural color and shine while keeping re-growth to a minimum.  This technique leaves hair shimmering, and gives the illusion of extra depth and volume, so it’s perfect for those with dull, lackluster locks. Stacey adds, “It’s just like glitter being sprinkled on top of the surface of the hair.”

The number and size of the plaits can be tailored to each person to create the desired effect – one large plait offers a bolder result, while smaller plaits give a more subtle effect. And as long as the hair is long enough to plait, Interlacing can be done ¬– it’s suitable on all different hair types and the color tones can be matched to suit each different complexion.

Best worn with wavy, tousled tresses, it’s the perfect coloring technique to try with the latest summer hair trends.

Call or visit Toni&Guy Emirates Towers or Toni&Guy Grand Hyatt to check interlacing and start adding life to your hair!

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