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Empty your closet for charity with Fashionation this Ramadan

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Ever wonder why you have a wardrobe brimming full with clothes you hardly ever wear these days? We all suffer a little bit of this case in varying degrees. But what do you do with these grey old elephants in our walk-in closets?

Throw them away? Burn them to kingdom come? Our metropolitan lifestyles here in Dubai are wasteful and harmful to the environment enough, so no.

Donating is a good idea, so if you’re not a star benefactor at any of the charitable institutions in your locale, then online private shopping club Fashionation‘s good deed this Ramadan might appeal to you. is supporting AL NOOR Training Centre for Children with Special Needs and is requesting your help in paying your blessings forward.

You can donate all your unwanted Balmains (because really, how much mileage do you plan on getting out of that Michal-Jackson-in-concert military jacket?) and Fashionation will do the hard work of finding them a new owner for you. Proceeds of this initiative will be given in full to Al Noor Training Centre to cover their operational expenses.

We know you’re already crazy thrilled about the idea of emptying your closet to make room for the new collections this coming Fall, so here are the steps:

  • Gather all your unwanted clothes.
  • Take a picture of you wearing them as an outfit and a picture of each piece, flat on a white background.
  • Suggest a price for each piece.
  • Send them an e-mail with all the pictures, the suggested prices in USD, size, your full name, address and phone number at with fashion loves charity as the subject title.
  • Fashionation will then organise the pickup of sold pieces.

Start browsing your wardrobes and rock it like a style blogger. We look forward to seeing your pieces on Fashionation!

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