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Dark circles? Here’s the ugly truth

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Mamta Thakkar, General Manager of Merle Norman UAE, enlightens us on the legend of the dreaded dark circle. According to her, the ugly truth is you cannot get rid of under-eye dark circles since it is the result of heredity, lack of sleep or even sun exposure. Nothing can be done to permanently eliminate them.

But fret not. She offered an enticing solution to minimize the darkness and lessen the uncharming appearance of looking like a baby panda with these simple tricks:

* Brighten up with eye cream containing optical diffusers such as LUXIVA® Brilliant-C Eye Cream. It provides instant luminosity around the eyes.

* Delete darkness with concealer. A peachy-pink tone neutralizes the bluish tinge. Apply directly over discoloration with the Makeup Artistry Eyes #6 Brush.

* Prevent future circles from forming by using a daily SPF around the eye area. Try LUXIVA® PREVENTAGE™ Firming Eye Creme SPF 15.

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