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Couture Night opens Dubai Fashion Fiesta

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The final third of the opening night’s show was by Archana Kochhar which presented a collection of Indian-inspired couture dresses and forever changed the way people look at the saree. Kochhar used a theme of neutral tones for the collection, coming out with elaborate dresses in hues of beige, lilac, peach, and wintergreen.

Bollywood actress Celina Jaitley donned the last dress of Kochhar’s Spring/Summer line and WERQED the runway like a star. This was when the crowd really learned to put their hands together and make that noise we call an applause. We thought after Furne One’s kickoff, where people applauded nearly every dress presented, we’d never hear it again.

And it looks like the floral garland headdress is soon going to be the “it” accessory. Doesn’t it just make those models appear so fresh and ethereal?

Archana Kochhar

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Photographs by Rami Al Muhtadi

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