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Who’s gonna be the next H&M collaborateur?

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We’ve heard from the grapevine that slick high-street fashion retailer H&M is in the process of working out another collaboration with yet another star designer, but no one, aside from the bigwigs at the Swedish company, has any idea as to who it might be.

So, in the spirit of being imaginative, we give you our top picks for who might be (or, more precisely, who we wish to be) behind the next high-fashion-meets-high-street collection by H&M. If any of these designers will actually get to work on a masstige operation with the fashion-for-the-people brand, then we can predict another Jimmy Choo for H&M success in the making.

1.) Christian Louboutin. Despite his recent fashion faux pas at the Cannes Film Festival with the Loubi’s Angels, people are still in love with his red-soled creations (except those revolting thigh-high boots that only Lady Gaga would be willingly caught dead in).

If the Jimmy Choo collection was sold out before lunch, a Louboutin line would be sold out before office hours started. Not because CL is more popular than JC, but because people would already know what to do when the day comes.

Ladies would literally kill each other just to lay their paws on a pair of pseudo-Louboutins, and that is due in large part to the fact that they wouldn’t have to worry about how they would settle their credit card bills at the end of the month.

A word of caution to H&M: If there is ever going to be a Louboutin for H&M collection, we suggest you don’t come out with heels that are sharp enough to be used as weapons. Just to be on the safe side.

2.) Alexander Wang. His heavy, shapeless Rocco handbag may be a disastrous excuse for a woman’s accessory, but the 24-year-old Asian American designer is getting the attention of all the important figures in the Western fashion world. Wang wouldn’t have won all those awards (Swarovski Accessories Designer of the Year and the all-important CFDA/Vogue Fashion Fund Award worth $200,000) at the recently concluded CFDA Awards if the A-list fash pack didn’t think he has a bright future – creatively and commercially speaking – to begin with.

Who wouldn’t buy reasonably priced shoes by Alexander Wang?

Wang is young and naturally aware of what the taste of this generation is all about, resulting in edgy, angst-ridden, unruly, dark-themed designs that, if coupled with H&M’s foothold of the retail scene, could become the next mainstream thing in fashion. Another reason we think Wang’s a top candidate to become H&M’s next collaborateur is because he’s got the experience in working with a mass retail chain. Remember the Alexander Wang line for Uniqlo?

Prepare to see more and more people sporting buckle details and all sorts of metal studding in their clothing should there ever be an Alexander Wang-H&M project.

3.) Jean Paul Gaultier. So Gaultier left Hermès to focus more of his creative energy on his own fashion house, but let’s face it, the JPG house existed fine even when he was still busy working on Hermès’ women’s ready-to-wear.

He has more time in his hands now than ever, and perhaps he’d be amenable to working on a collection with the Swedish brand. Besides, we’re hungry for a more luxurious French touch in H&M’s offerings (those hands touched Hermès for crying out loud).

Gaultier‘s already done a line for Target. And since it was  such an underwhelming, nothing-really-caught-our-eyes collection, a collaborative project with H&M would be the perfect way for JPG to redeem himself. We can only hope he would see it that way. Come on, Jean Paul, step up!

Who’s your bet for H&M’s upcoming masstige collection?


Videos have been surfacing all over the web teasing the public on who might be the next designer to collaborate with the Swedish fast fashion brand. One is of a lady styled in a grand, aristocratic attire, reminding us a little of Carolina Herrera, while the other one is of a man who, as Business of Fashion speculates, appears to be Tomas Maier, creative director at Bottega Veneta.

We wonder if one of our picks here will emerge as the new H&M high-fashion-meets-high-street designer. Hmmm, we’ll stay tuned on the grand unveiling on September 9th via

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