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Want a Cartier scarf? Then take our survey

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We invite you, faithful La Moda follower, to participate in our readership demographic survey. Learning more about you – who you are and what you do – help us provide you with content that is better suited to your taste and is more relevant to your daily fashion, beauty, and shopping needs.

We know that with all the spam that’s going around on the internet, you might be afraid to trust us with even just your email address, but we promise we will not share or sell a single bit of your information to any third party. We’ll take care of it like you’ve just given us vintage Balenciaga.

And since filling out a survey form like this one is going to take 10 seconds of your time, we feel like we owe you something and so we offer you a chance to win a limited edition Cartier scarf from La Moda Dubai. The winner will be notified via email by July 15, 2010.

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