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Um, no thanks. We’d rather Save Anna

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We want you guys to have a quick look at the shirt below and say the first thing that comes to mind once you see it. No over-thinking, no over-analysing, no over-rehearsing whatever it is you want to say. Just look and shout.

Did you say any of these words: stupid, WTF!, what an idiot, ugly shirt, publicity stunt devoid of any class whatsoever, really ugly shirt? We did. All of those and definitely more. All directed to Leon Verres and his publicity-hungry shirt.

Okay, let’s get down to business. Our first reaction to this atrocity was, “A designer came up with this?” There are so many things wrong with this shirt but the first one that we want to criticise is the design. Seriously, how can someone create that and still refer to himself as a designer? Leon Verres must have the creative capacity of a comatose patient because we’re not witnessing anything designer-like about this contentious white tee. Not at all.

The only design element we’re seeing here is the stars (which are meant to deliberately hide the letter U and avoid being stabbed to death by Queen A herself), and well, you’re familiar with all the originality and creativity that goes behind drawing a star. A monkey with a laptop could go on Cafepress and design a shirt that’s at least 278 times more interesting than that.

The second off thing about this whole project is the concept. According to the press announcement in which Verres referred to himself as the most charismatic and strongest designer of all (Cringe at that, will you?), he has made it his business to dethrone the Ice Queen of American fashion. But why? What good would that ever lead to?

We’re not speaking for Anna Wintour here, but she became an institution for a reason. People respect her or fear her because she is the single most important person in the $40-billion-a-year-or-more industry of fashion. If designers didn’t think her opinion mattered, they wouldn’t ask her to see and judge their collections in the first place. But they do. Season after season, they do. So that’s strike two.

Verres also says that “his efforts are supported by almost three million ‘Verresians’ and numerous fashion bloggers.”

It is the T-shirt which millions of fashionistas all over the world have wished for. This T-shirt expresses relentlessly what millions of fashionistas think. It is the T-shirt which shows many designers their cowardice, submissiveness and dependency regarding Anna Wintour in a merciless way.

It is the T-shirt which celebrates the democratization of luxury and the new kings of the fashion world, the fashion bloggers. This T-shirt declares war against Anna Wintour and everyone who buys one of these t-shirts joins this war.

Leon Verres, designer wannabe

Where are the statistics and who are these so-called Verresians? What fashion blogger in their right mind would ever want to say “F*ck Anna”? And what privileged, luxury product consumer would ever wear a shirt that says “F*ck you” to anyone who lays eyes on it? For a “designer” who markets his products to the rich and sophisticated, it appears Verres has virtually no access to the psyche of his target market at all.

Fashion is not a democracy. We have long accepted this fact and so should everybody else. We have a dictator in the fashion world, and it’s definitely a good thing. Otherwise, Anna’s word would be as valuable as that of a person who wears Juicy Couture red velvet tracksuits, and hell would freeze over. Anyone who’s planning on changing the status quo should consider that.

But of course, we shouldn’t expect so much from someone who puts together tacky, billionaire wannabe furry champagne bottles for a living.

1 Comment

  1. Jean-Francois Martinez

    June 18, 2010 at 10:08 am

    I love this guy! I love this t-shirt! In the US Leon Verres sells 100.000 “3F” T-Shirts in 1 week! In Canada 45.000! In Germany 30.000! In Japan 50.000…to be continued! The total revenue for the T-shirts will inure to the benefit of Leon Verres child relief project “I stand for children”. He is the future of fashion, the “normal” people loves him and nobody can stop him, because nobody can stop the truth. Bye, bye…

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