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So it really is all about the packaging

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Got something juicy in my mailbox today – the announcement of Loewe’s new fragrance called Solo Loewe Pop. That’s too simple a sentence to cause any problems of or relating to comprehension, but I feel I should be congratulated for having extracted something meaningful from a three-page document that announces a new eau de toilette. Yes, that long, but I guess there’s a lot of back story to something that you spray mindlessly on your wrists and neck.

Remember the Solo Loewe fragrance released some six years ago? It looks pretty much the same except for the jazzy pop artsy “POP” printed all over the original bottle. A sniff of the stuff will give you a hint of coolness, energy, and as the statement says, irony and art. Forgive my underdeveloped, unevolved sense of smell, but I guess I am just one of those humanoids who can’t, due to physiological limitations, smell things like irony. Or art. Or desperation. I know Blair Waldorf can.

The Solo Loewe Pop sends olfactory messages of masculinity and spontaneity – achieved from top notes of mandarin and pink pepper, a middle note of lavender absolute, and base notes of vanilla bourbon and tonka bean. If that doesn’t encourage you to grab one off the shelves at Paris Gallery, then perhaps the packaging itself could work its infallible magic on you and your mates. I mean, look, so snazzy!

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