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Smoky beach, velvet nude, sensual eyes

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Graphic Wave Collection 2010 by Terry reveals the secrets to tantalizing eyes this summer season. With satiny nudes and ultra-matte mystical black eyeshadows, eccentric eyeliners in natural colors and glam mascara in glossy black, Terry creates the perfect solution to ultimate sensual looks for the eyes.

Ombre Veloutee, the extreme-wear eyeshadow, sweeps eyelids in luminous color boosted by Velvet Touch, a deluxe color-bright complex composed of highly micronized matte pigments and ultra-smoothing crystalline optical prisms.

This velvet eyeshadow smoothens eyelids in ideal sensual shades with an evanescent and surprisingly tactile finish.

Ligne Blackstar, a liquid eyeliner with formula innovation and rich color, provides waterproof wear and real tattoo effect.

Everything becomes possible thanks to a tapered soft-touch tip inspired by the best ink pens, which unite density, fine quality, fluidity and an even finish.

To finish off with this fantastic collection, the Mascara Soyeux Waterproof smoothens, separates, thickens and fans out lashes to the extreme – with no drips or runs – for over-sized eyes. It is sculpting, lengthening and curling! The creamy and shiny gel-modeling texture coats lashes with an 100% black water-resistant film.

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