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Rihanna is the new Britney. And it’s sad.

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Oh Rihanna, we have only one word for you: WHY?

Caught last Saturday at the Rock in Rio Madrid Festival in Spain, Riri made us recoil in shock as she rocked a new hairdo on stage, putting Lady Gaga and I’m-having-a-meltdown-so-I’m-gonna-shave-my-head Britney Spears to shame.

Message to Rihanna: Young lady, we know you are only 22 yrs old, thus still experimenting with fashion and let’s face it, who didn’t sport a cringe-worthy ‘do at least once in their life?

We certainly did attempt pulling off an embarrassing haircut once or twice. But that was when we were like what, 12? Tavi can certainly pull off her grey hair because she’s weird and funny and she’s not a full-grown adult. What you have to realise is that you are. And right about now’s the time to style your hair accordingly.

We want to know, though: What point are you trying to make by continuously ruining your looks and pretty face? Or put quite simply, why are you trying too hard? Is more-is-more wannabe the new sophisticated?

We ask you dear followers, has Rihanna lost the plot or is she merely courting publicity, cleverly detracting her horrible stage outfit from the spotlights?

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