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Furne One returns to Germany’s Next Top Model

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Supermodel Heidi Klum invited Furne One back to Germany’s version of the television model-search reality show America’s Next Top Model. The top-notch Dubai-based Filipino designer goes back to dressing the finalists of GNTM, for the third year in a row this time.

Known for his opulent and elaborate collections – not to mention the dramatic fashion shows – Furne One has gone far from dressing the royalties of the Middle East to adorning international models and celebrities. Thanks to his website where Heidi Klum spotted his potential last 2007, and Furne has been asked to design the wardrobe of the aspiring models to be used in the show’s finale yet again. This latest production sees contestants wearing designs from his Autumn/Winter 2010 collection, which was a huge hit at Dubai Fashion Week last April.

Currently on the set in Germany for production of the show, Furne One says, “I am proud to be back in Germany again and working alongside Heidi Klum for this season’s Germany’s Next Top Model. It is an amazing experience to be here and to see my latest collection being filmed for TV. This year’s contestants are stunning and I feel privileged to have the chance to dress them.”

Congrats, Furne! And, don’t forget to give Heidi our regards!