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Five minutes with Guerlain’s Olivier Echaudemaison

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La Moda had a quick chat with Olivier Echaudemaison, Guerlain’s Creative Director, about achieving a radiant complexion. This is expert advice on maintaining a forever-young, ravishing glow, everyone, so drop whatever you’re doing and read on.

What is radiant complexion? It’s both colour and radiance, which are directly determined by the skin’s interaction with light. When light reaches the skin’s surface, it triggers dual absorption and diffusion phenomenon, which has a direct effect on the complexion’s colour and luminosity.

When the skin is smooth and even, the face instantly captures light, which is then reflected, making the complexion glow with radiance. A radiant make-up result is first and foremost dependent on smooth supple skin, transparent textures and fresh colours.

I recommend from the Guerlain range, Metorites Perfecting Primer or L’Or Radiance Concentrate Makeup Base (if you wish to eliminate shine or replenish moisture), then the Parure line of foundations, particularly Parure Aqua, which is fresh and moisturising, then the following application of Precious Light, Meteorites Perles and Blush 4 Eclats.

What are the steps? Firstly, even out the complexion with a good moisturising mask, then brighten up the complexion with the Perfecting Primer, then apply the Parure foundation to your entire face like a cream, working from the centre of the face outwards.

Next, erase the shadows with Precious Light to smooth out all pigment irregularities. Then brighten up the complexion with Meteorites Perles, sweeping it across your face. This step will eliminate shine and add a transparent, luminous veil to the face while maintaining the skin’s freshness and suppleness.

Lastly, revitalise your complexion with Brush 4 Eclats. Apply a hint of blush to the centre of your cheekbones and blend outwards.

What’s the best way to revive tired, old complexion? Freshen up your complexion and add radiance to your eyes. Try Parure Gold, Precious Light, Meteorites Perles, Blush 4 Eclats, shades one and two and a generous application of Guerlain Mascara.

What about pale and grey complexions? Play with Terracotta Teint d’Aileurs. Apply it to your face with your fingertips as if you were applying a cream. Sweep a dusting of Meteorites Perles No2 over your face and finish by applying Terracotta Power.

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