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Fins are the new exaggerated shoulders

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Move over, Christophe Decarnin. Your $7,000 Michael-Jackson-in-a-concert military jackets are going to have to bow to these rad-shouldered numbers by Kiwi surfer-turned-designer trio Stolen Girlfriends Club (never mind the bored model please).

Dan Gosling, Luke Harwood and Marc Moore are a New Zealand-based bunch, with no professional fashion design training, who deviated from their surfing background and began their foray into creative projects such as installations, exhibitions, parties and film.

And as fashion is the zenith of everything that is creative in this world (we do not entertain comments that attempt to negate this fact), the men behind Stolen Girlfriends Club have now naturally branched out to designing mean outfits that could give Balmain and their edgy creations a run for their money.

The shoulders, which are the most distinct feature of these pieces, are so radical that they kind of remind us of Waterworld and all things under the sea (perhaps because they look a little bit like fins). With what began as just having fun with printed tees – which eventually lay against the skin of Juliette Lewis, Kate Bosworth, Lykke Li and Beyonce Knowles – we say Stolen Girlfriends Club is not too shabby. The odd trio are definitely on our list of top designers to watch.

Stolen Girlfriends Club is available at S*uce.

1 Comment

  1. Jana

    September 10, 2010 at 3:40 pm

    ugh hate shoulders like that!!! kim kardashian used to wear such tops then rihanna followed. i wudnt wear such..shoulder pads, shoulder fins passe! something things shud just be kept in grandma’s closet!

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