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Chace Crawford arrested

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We know this has nothing to do with fashion, beauty, shopping, or Dubai, but this is about Gossip Girl and that’s enough reason for us to go typing away on our keyboards.

Chace Crawford (Nate Archibald) was arrested in Texas last night for illegal possession of this medicinal herb called marijuana. He’s posted bail as of this writing, but gossipy officers at the Plano Police Department didn’t disappoint with their mugshot of Van der Bilt boy.

And if you’re a bit of a creepy stalker, you’ll enjoy the fact that whoever made the scan of the police report that’s now circulating all over the internet (and which we’re not posting here because it’s just tacky and tabloid-ish, not that what we’re posting now isn’t) didn’t make a very good job of blacking out Crawford’s home phone number.

Poor Nate. Better get a new number pronto! Throw in a good, clean shave as well.

Photo courtesy of Just Jared

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