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Boucheron timepieces: Worthy of our attention

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You know what they say, it is the little detail that matters! Inject your outfit with a splash of colour and fantasy through your accessories and let your watch stand out. We predict a rush to grab one of these bold, jewel-incrusted key pieces from the Boucheron New Watch Collection.

Crazy Parade
The proudly parading peacock appears majestic and almost larger-than-life on the face of this timepiece, which features the finest virtuoso techniques drawn from the arts of enamelling, engraving and stone setting.

Shéhérazade Tourbillon
The Shéhérazade Tourbillon watch, sculpted from white gold, evokes the essence of the East, full of fragrant spices and fabulous palaces… like the tales Shéhérazade told the Persian king for 1001 nights to avoid certain death: so fascinated was he by each unfinished tale that he spared her life, morning after morning.

Boucheron boutiques are located in the Mall of the Emirates, and in Emirates Towers Boulevard in Dubai.

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