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Beauty Top 10

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We have decided in preparation for the summer we’re not solely focused on creams, scrubs and make-up. We want to detox, eat better and exercise a little more. Seriously. Here is our list of top 10 things to do to get our bodies in shape this summer:

1.) Start taking vitamin C everyday religiously. Super anti-ageing and great at keeping skin radiant.

2.) Join a pilates class to tone up the flabby belly for the recently purchased bikinis (possibly bought at Chalhoub’s still ongoing bargain sale). Our favourite studio in Dubai is The Hundred Pilates Studio in Dubai Healthcare City (Tel: 04-4298433). A ridiculously beautiful place to work out, and the instructors are amazingly knowledgeable.

3.) Spelt pasta. Why spelt? It is the secret grain of the Incas that leaves you feeling less bloated than normal wheat grains and it is also perfect for the wheat intolerant. And most importantly, it actually taste good. (Located: Dubai Mall and The Greens

4.) We have searched high and low in Dubai for good quality WHITE TEA. There is nothing in the UAE, unfortunately. This is a much stronger antioxidant than green tea and contains no caffeine. So any food importers in Dubai please take note of the growing niche demand for white tea. Hint, hint…

5.) Give up caffeine for the month. It is meant to help fight against cellulite. Allegedly. Although, many anti-cellulite creams actually contain caffeine. So we’re a bit confused.

6.) Take a daily tablet of turmeric. Yes, the yellow stuff found in Indian cuisine. It’s one of nature’s most powerful healers and has been used for 2,500 years in India. Long known for its anti-inflammatory properties and known to be beneficial treatment for cancers to Alzheimer’s disease. Other known benefits includes being a natural liver detoxifer, natural antiseptic, used in Chinese medicine to treat depression, and reduces risk of some cancers. Available at good healthfood stores. We found ours at GMC in Festival City.

7.) The dreaded dental MOT. We all hate the dentist but you still have to get them cleaned and whitened. We recommend Dr. Dale Swallow, UK Dental Clinic (Tel: 04-3635371), Dr. Maximilian Riewer, Sky Dental Clinic (Tel: 04-3558808), Dr. Stewart Harding, The Dental Center (Tel:04-375 2175), Dr. Michael Apa, Dr. Michael’s Dental Clinic, (04-3949433).

8.) Get eight hours’ sleep. We cannot stress this enough because the importance of sleep is so underestimated. Getting enough sleep keeps wrinkles and eye bags at bay. And the less tired you are, the less likely you are to pig out. Yes, sleep can help you slim down.

9.) Use the stairs instead of the lift at work. Amazing how many calories that helps you knock off.

10.) Have a shot of aloe vera juice with a splash of grapefruit seed extract every morning before breakfast. Aloe not only keeps your glucose levels down but detoxifies the liver, making it easier to expel the nasties in the body and keep you nice and trim. If you mix it with grapefruit seed extract you’ll get a double whammy of detox. Our secret recipe.

Photos courtesy of Nelson Pilates and Latest Beauty

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  1. Hilary

    June 27, 2010 at 8:06 am

    Hi could you tell me where I can purchase Grapefruit Seed Extract in dubai.

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