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Stylish short hair by Sam McKnight

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Maintaining short hair while trying to look stylish can become quite depressing if you don’t have a professional hair stylist on your payroll. We know Anna Wintour stopped trying and has stuck with that ridiculous bob since the 80’s. Or one of those years in the past when I haven’t been born yet.

The predicament is that not everyone can pull off having the same hairstyle over and over for decades on end. Anna made it work because she is who she is and there’s much more to her than just her hair, but that doesn’t work for mere mortals like you and me. Thankfully, though, internationally renowned hair stylist and Pantene Global Ambassador Sam McKnight gives us a few tips on how you can look striking without having to resort to doing the long-haired Grecian goddess cliché. Check out the clip below.

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