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Nine randoms facts about botox

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1.) First used in humans in 1977, the mortality rate of botox has been zero ever since. However, beware of fake products. There are loads of copycat products available so make sure you actually go to someone qualified.

2.) Crazy pretend beauticians/surgeons in Al Barsha claiming to inject botox for AED 500 is not possible. This doesn’t even cover the surgeon’s cost so are you questioning what they are injecting into your face? Otherwise, they are diluting the botox. You have been warned.

3.) The lethal dose to kill a man requires 9,000 spywood units. Amount used for cosmetic purposes, 100 spywood units at one time. One would die of all the needle poking before the chemical had a chance to work.

4.) Botox can be used for hyperhidrosis – the excessive sweating of the hands, feet and armpits. Treatment can last up to one year. Maybe something to consider for this summer?

5.) Best people to administer botox? Definitely, plastic/cosmetic surgeons because they have been to medical school and they actually understand the muscles under the facial skin.

6.) Trying botox one time is not going to make you a cosmetic surgery junkie.

7.) Don’t always wait until you are lined and wrinkly before you start using botox. The earlier you start the more natural it looks. This way, no one knows you have done it. Ideal age is early to mid-thirties.

8.) Brands of botox – Botox and Dysport. We prefer Dysport. The latter is longer lasting in our opinion.

9.) More and more men are getting botox-ed. Men are beginning to realise that their wives are literally pickling themselves to stay looking young, and are now returning the favour.

1 Comment

  1. Helen Carter

    August 23, 2011 at 1:53 pm

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