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Diamonds, platinum and now gemstones?

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So Natura Bisse brought Diamonds to skin care, then La Prarie brought platinum (and charged $1,000 for it) and now Bvlgari launches a skin care line with precious stones?!

We spoke to Bvlgari’s Skin Care Director Laurence Laubreaux Roberty to get to the bottom of why they think they can bring their expertise in gems to the competitive world of cosmetics.

Laurence, what’s the thinking behind jewellery and skin care? Bvlgari has a heritage in jewellery so why not bring that to skin care? We discovered that gems have great properties and after years of extensive research we produced a range that is very competitive in the marketplace.

It’s quite a risk to go from jewellery to skin care though. What if it didn’t work? We wouldn’t have put a product out on the market we weren’t 100 per cent confident that it would work.

But you could have gone into make-up, that’s less of a critiqued market than skin care. We felt that it was the right time to do it and we have a great product so why not? Maybe later down the line we’ll go into make-up.

What makes gemstones more effective than say diamonds and platinum? Independent skin care trials show that we have established a formula which has powerful antioxidant properties which defend repair and detoxify to produce optimum results. After seven days skin is 91% smoother, 79% younger, 73% replumped and 91% more radiant.

Is your skin care an alternative to Botox? No, it is complementary. The skin is dependent on genetics, outdoor elements among many other things, so there is no skin care that can claim it is an alternative to Botox.

Who is the woman that buys Bvlgari skin care? Very demanding, looking for something else, someone who seeks immediate pleasure, comfort and effectiveness. She is aged anywhere between 20 to 100 years!

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