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Clinique Even Better, is it even better?

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We’re always skeptical when a product bursts onto the scene promising to be the next wonder cream and this one caught our attention in particular.

Clinique Even Better Dark Skin Spot Corrector claims a ‘verified 53% improvement in skin tone’. Sounded too good to be true, especially in this climes where dark patches and increased skin damage are hard to avoid.

If this cream did what it said on the proverbial tin, then maybe we had found a UAE beautician’s dream?

So we put this to the test, particularly as Dr. Mammone, Clinique’s very own skin expert claims that this is one of ‘his ultimate favourites’.

The texture is nice and the serum sinks into the skin beautifully. Apparently, its ingredients – high in antioxidants – achieve a radiant even complexion. Four weeks later, our skin was softer and a little less mottled. The results were, well, average. Although actual improvements aren’t to be realised until 12 weeks.

Hmm. At AED 300 a pop and each bottle only lasting four weeks, this was going to cost us around AED 1,200. Was it worth the investment, we pondered.

That said, we decided it was probably cheaper to invest in a chemical peel or one of those laser zapping facials.

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