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Christian Louboutin loses it in Cannes

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Designer Christian Louboutin and the unimaginatively monickered Loubi’s Angels made an appearance at Le Carrosse Noir And The Loubi’s Angels, presented by Mr. Louboutin himself at the Palm Beach Casino during the 63rd Annual Cannes Film Festival.

Yes, the muses were in some kind of presentation at an annual event where major celebrities converge and they chose to wear those funny, funny boots – like we were living in a post-apocalyptic world and those were the only footwear left on Earth.

Louboutin probably hasn’t lost it forever. This is clearly just a lapse of creative judgment. And since we are the type of fans that are too loyal and loving to start hating on him for a tiny yet highly-publicised mistake, we’ll give him a piece of advice instead.

Dear Mr. Loubi, please give them away to the less fortunate. Like Lady Gaga. How fierce would she look wearing those boots while performing pitifully at another one of her fully-booked but loss-making concerts?