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Ragazzo: Get lost in time

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How much attention do you pay to the watch you’re wearing? As the defining, single most important accessory a man ever really needs, the wristwatch nowadays is no longer about keeping time. It’s about making a statement and letting your personal style emerge.

Having said that, we hope you’re still not stuck in the digital/quartz watch phase of your pre-teen years because those things are childish, lackluster, and not awesome enough to gain the title of a timepiece.

Mechanical watches are rising in popularity once again, having been thrust to the sidelines in the ’70s when quartz-movement watches began dominating the mainstream. In recent years, people have come to realise that keeping accurate time is much less important than impressing the world with a beautiful skeleton watch wrapped around your wrist.

Skeleton watches feature

Skeleton watches are even more interesting pieces – they exhibit the inner workings of their machinery that allow them to tell you if you’re late for a date or it’s time to go shopping. Check out our favorite picks: the Akribos XXIV Da Vinci and Android’s Mystique Ceramic watches. Priced from a little over $100 to $500 (~ AED 360 – 1,900), you’ll be glad to discover you don’t have to blow your life savings just to experience the joys of being a watch connoisseur.

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