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Swarovski D:Light spells high-tech elegance

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In the real world, technology and aesthetics are two almost mutually exclusive things that don’t go well together. The former is all about performance – getting things done swiftly and efficiently, while the latter is all about appearance – looking your best with utter disregard for nearly everything else.

However, with every rule, there is a ringing exception, especially when it’s Austrian luxury accessories maker Swarovski that attempts to produce that exception.

Swarovski D:Light - for the techie fashionista

The D:Light watch creates a stunning blend of high technology and high fashion without any compromise for either aspect. One second, it’s a dazzling bracelet. But with a push of a button, it becomes something completely different. Crystals light up, display the time, and the bracelet beautifully transforms into a digital watch. Encrusted with 171 Swarovski crystals and finished in either stainless steel or gold, the D:Light lives up to its name and splashes delight across the face of not only its wearer, but also its admirers.

Strap on our accessory of the week and elevate the most rugged of outfits in less than five seconds.

Available from $1,500 (~ AED 5,500) at Swarovski.

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