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Ragazzo: Summertime is boarding time

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Dubai is now recording midday temperatures in the high 30s to low 40s, and we all know what that means! Summer’s just around the corner – it’s officially here when office windows go crazy with humidity – so it’s the perfect time to freshen up your beachwear.

While women obsess about finding this year’s IT bikini swimsuits, we guys have it easy. Unless you’re European (and you think Speedos are fun), board shorts are your only option. But then making an personal statement becomes a problem.

Summer's just around the corner!

Thankfully, though, board short design can now be customised too. Shortomatic proposes a quick and painless way to get some attention on the beach this season without having to tread the path of snooty couture (Imagine high fashion board shorts!). Choose a size, upload your art, tweak it some, add some waistband text (yes, it’s that personal), and you’re done. Grab a pair online for $99 (~ AED 367).

Shortomatic custom board shorts

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