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Move over Anna Wintour – the era of print has ended

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In preparation for Dubai Fashion Week next month, we are formally launching La Moda Dubai today. As you already know by now, we are the first and only web magazine covering high fashion and luxury lifestyle in the whole of the Middle East. We’re published in Dubai, a bustling city in Arabia which has been established as the fashion capital of the Gulf.

La Moda Dubai March 2010La Moda is here to fill the gap for a market that requires not only real-time fashion news in the regional and global arenas but also intelligent features that provoke the imagination of empowered men and women in the region.

Move over, Anna Wintour. The reign of print media has ended. Ours has just begun.

If you look at consumer attitudes over the past few years, less and less people rely on conventional print media to satisfy their need for both information and entertainment. Online publications now have the competitive advantage when it comes to content delivery because we do it in real-time.

Readers do not have to wait for the next issue, which comes out in a week or a month. They are informed as events happen. Come Dubai Fashion Week (and we’re so excited it IS coming), we’ll be there and La Moda Dubai will be the first to get the news out to the worldwide fashion community.

The burgeoning participation of independent publishers (aka bloggers such as Bryanboy, Tavi Gevinson, Tommy Ton, and Susanna Lau) in this season’s Fashion Week events in New York, London, Milan and Paris is a very pronounced indication of the growing importance and acceptance of online media as a credible source of fashion news and commentary. The fascination of the fashion industry with these independent individuals stems from the trade’s penchant for bringing out a personal inner voice. And that’s exactly what the online fashion media bring.

Accept it, folks. No matter how strongly we fight it, the era of the print medium has ended, and a new one has begun.