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Chanel-esque DSLR bags for chic shutterbugs

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We’re hoping we’re not the only ones who get annoyed by countless people who have seemingly taken a liking to sporting DSLR cameras like an accessory in the most inappropriate places – malls, coffee shops, MOSQUES! We’re very very close to writing all these camera manufacturers a strongly-worded note on how they should require professional licences before people can buy DSLR cameras – because people are getting annoyed already.

Emera camera bag

Thankfully, though, most educated photographers out there are decent enough to not try and make a fashion statement with a hefty black thing strapped around their necks. But we’re even more thankful that shutterbugs don’t have to lug around their equipment in a boring black nylon bag anymore (with the Canon logo on it! Gasp!). *emera‘s here, and they’ve come to fashionise cameraheads all over the world with bags that are both performance-oriented and aesthetically pleasing.

The California-based camera bag maker’s latest release is called The Quilted, and there’s only one thing we can say about it: Until Chanel comes out with a lens-worthy carry-on (interior partitions and padding included) in black Caviar leather  to ensure the safety of our snapping gear, we’re sticking with *emera. Grab yours online for $169.


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  2. Mold Removal Hawthorn

    December 8, 2010 at 8:02 am

    Wow! Very fashionable.

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